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General Contracting

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bondable commercial general contractor. General contracting services typically provide owners with a traditional design-bid-build approach for their construction projects. We can also perform general contracting assignments on either a negotiated contract or bid basis.

General contracting is best for straightforward projects that have minimal changes or projects with strict policies requiring lump sum bids. We have established relationships with trade contractors founded on trust and experience and extensive market knowledge which enable us to be extremely competitive while providing unsurpassed quality.

This project delivery method requires the owner to contract separately with a design professional and a general contractor. Typically the design and construction proceed sequentially, with the construction process starting after the design is complete. While we believe we offer the most value to our clients by being involved in the project as early as possible, our meticulous processes and procedures allow us to deliver a fully designed building quickly and for the lowest possible cost.